Lightcircle 3-3

The other 4 dates in 2020 are June 6, August 8, October 10, December 12.

This can be done remotely, from your own nice place: nicely at home.

Open your own channel.

It is not obvious to be guided and encouraged in your youth to let your own soul energy sink into your earthly personality. This light circle offers you the opportunity to feel the connection with your soul and to slowly restore it. It gives a deep sense of fulfillment to be in contact with your soul. If body, mind and soul are one, then you are whole, pure and connected to everything and everyone around you. The light circle promotes this process of development. It gives you the next step in your personal development. It is a process that deeply affects your emotional, mental and spiritual experience and beliefs. It allows you to grow in love to unity and wholeness in freedom and independence. Leading in this process is your soul, it determines what you can now let go, how that happens and at what pace. The most important result is more happiness, love, relaxation, connectedness, spirituality and meaning in your life. A deepening of your life is created by increasing your awareness-BEING. The light activation is an energetic treatment that is suitable for everyone. Although it will have a different effect on everyone, depending on what is subject to healing and can be released. The nostalgia that some of us feel is the need for contact with your core, your soul. As soon as you come home to yourself, it becomes obvious that you feel included in the greater whole. Grounding is very important for a proper balance with your personality. By letting your light shine and no longer competing with your emotions and thoughts, but seeing everything with love and compassion, you heal yourself.

Through this light circle we are energetically connected with each other, so that our strength is bundled. We have a commonality with each other that also supports each other remotely in our process. Together we will create a radiant field with which we will germinate the seeds of love and compassion so that we can live our souls more and embody them on earth. Our universal hearts open so that we can be lifted from the black and can experience unconditional love. Trust the greater within yourself and feel that you are being absorbed by a network of like-minded souls during this light circle.

The Light Circle is remote.

A light transmission is a transfer of energy. Energy is not limited by space or time, making remote healing possible. That means that you can participate at home from your own pleasant place.

Date: March 3, 2020

Time: Dutch time 21:00 tm 21:45 ( Dutch time)

A light transmission is a transfer of energy. Energy is not limited by space or time, making remote healing possible.

That means that you can participate from your own nice place, at home.

I send a link on March 3 around noon with a sound recording that you can listen to during the light circle. The recording recorded by me helps to relax and to ground better so that the higher energy frequencies can be better integrated into your body.

From the moment you sign up, you will be taken into my alignment and prepared by the light world. Everyone gets a place in the circle. Visualize as soon as you feel comfortable stepping into a circle of like-minded people. Open your palms for light, love and healing. Open your heart and let yourself be carried away by the energy. Stay in touch with your body and feel what is happening about sensations and feelings. If you want to share your experiences with me after the light circle, you can email me. I try to respond within 48 hours. A review is always welcome!

Do you feel an inner call to connect with this Light Circle? Then register via

Read here a few reviews from participants in a light circle at a distance of 12-12-2019

I thought it was a very nice and powerful light circle. I felt my heart chakra flow. It was a warm bath of love and soft but also powerful and grounding energy. Also slept very quietly. My dog ​​reacted to it too. He was sleeping with a smile and is also super cheerful today. It feels less heavy. Thank you for this beautiful light circle. Mandy

Wow! The Light Circle last night was so special; in the beginning that I was lying on my yoga mat i had cold hands and feet, but soon i was heated from the inside. I experienced so much love and I felt this love sensation as a tingling sensation throughout my body. I was carried and surrounded by Love. Thank you Ellen for organizing this Loving Light Circle. Much love, Rianne

Hey Ellen! Valuable moment yesterday. Felt a lot of warmth and goosebumps. Super relaxing afterwards. Donny

When I joined the Light Circle, I saw a beautiful, diamond, shimmering light. Together we formed a beautiful light wreath. From my toes I felt soft energy go up through my body and aura. I saw colors and patterns and felt a deep relaxation. I slept 9 hours deep that night. The best night’s sleep in years! Annelot Lensing

I have experienced the Circle as a loving embrace around me. Unconditional love so beautiful and so tangible.  Cyrina Kuhlman.

The light circle was so special. In the afternoon I already felt something was happening. Felt very light and grounded.

My heart and belly were immediately filled with love and energy. I couldn’t help but relax. So many tingling in my body and I have even experienced some sort of foot massage. It was really very special. Thank you for organizing this dear Ellen. Xxx CeRo

In the beginning a heavy heartbeat, then it felt like I was being lifted up and was floating.

And a warm almost hot feeling on my chest.

Thank you it was a clear experience! Sylvia Streng