Protect your energy field!

An invitation for highly sensitive people to come into their true strength.

As a highly sensitive person you live with your energy more outside your body than in it. Your energetic body also called aura is tens of meters tall for many highly sensitive people. You lose a lot of energy, but you also pick up a lot of energy. With this field you are in constant contact with other people and you are very vulnerable. If you have had a traumatic childhood with parents who, for example, were not emotionally balanced, you develop an even greater aura. Increasing your aura initially gives you a sense of security. Your aura feels like a safe place, so you don’t have to feel too much physically. Because the situation in which you lived did not feel safe, you are developing this protection mechanism. What worked well as a child now stands in your way, because a life from your core makes you tired and frightened because everything comes to you.

Secure anchor

You will often feel overwhelmed. You experience this because at the moment you are not sufficiently in contact with your strength. In the past there was often not enough room for you as an individual, there was a fundamental lack of a secure basis. Being vulnerable and expressing our strength was often impossible. As a (young) adult we now pay a high price for this. We constantly dissolve with our energy with our environment. That causes over-stimulation, anxiety and the feeling that we are not in contact with our feelings. In fact, with our energetic body we depart from our physical body of flesh and blood. The moment life gets too exciting, “you leave” and other energies come in easily. You are no longer grounded and you therefore avoid as many people and situations as possible. You prefer to stay home safely all day. You are far too sensitive and tired. It requires a clear approach to make a positive change here. You can train yourself in this. If you don’t do that and just stay at home, everything will eventually become even more threatening!

“The solution is to develop a very clear I-feeling”

Vulnerability & Strength

Many highly sensitive women feel unsafe and vulnerable. We make ourselves very small. We think we cannot handle life and have nothing to offer life. Yet I want to say to you “You are welcome with your strength and vulnerability.”

Can you really say “YES” to yourself?

What makes you excited? Where and from whom will your energy flow? If you start living from your authenticity you will find that your soul light can descend to earth better. It wants to do inspiring “work”. Your soul comes the moment you invite her. You start to live from your then core again. If your soul light is more on earth, your body is filled with your light, the energies and emotions of other people will enter you much less. You no longer have to protect yourself that way. Before that, you can consciously choose to keep your energy field well with you through this exercise.

Exercise: Make your aura smaller

Stand firmly with both legs on the floor, close your eyes and place your hands on your lower abdomen. Breathe a few times to your hands. Then visualize that your aura is like a 30 meter field in a circle around you. Give this field a striking color. Now draw the colored field 10 meters towards your body, then another 10 meters, and finally an arm length around your body. Feel what this is doing to you and breathe deeply into your stomach a few times. Now visualize a beautiful flower that specifically suits you and place it in your heart. Feel that flower in your heart, what does your flower look like, what color and shape does it have? Imagine your flower in its most radiant form. This beautiful flower is your “distinctive symbol” so that your energy does not merge with that of another. When you are with someone you stay centered with yourself.

Who would you be if you were sure that who you are now is exactly as you should be? What would you prefer to do then?

I want to support you with this article and help you to get even better at your strength. Strengthening your inner light through your unique talents and carrying out a mission is the key to your incarnation.

A limited I-feeling, is a “YES” to yourself!

Sometimes we meet people we cannot get away from. What can we do to stay in touch with the outside world in your own strength? Guaranteeing your energy is essential. Imagine, you get visitors but you feel very vulnerable. You know the person who is coming is very present, you need tools to be able to stay with yourself.

Before your visit crosses the threshold you say to yourself:


“I am here and you are there!”

Imagine holding your arms and hands in front of your body as a “stop” sign. In your imagination you push the other person back a bit. With this you push his or her energy away from you. This immediately provides a clear energetic boundary between you. This way you keep your own space!

Be very aware of your body, your inner signals clearly indicate your needs. Suppose a friend wants to eat with you at a specific restaurant. You actually don’t want to go there at all and you are disappointed. Take a step aside now and see what you are doing! You don’t have to go along with his or her wish at all! You also have a wish and it is just as important as the other person’s. Therefore, state clearly what your wish is and then look for a compromise together. This may seem obvious, but in practice we often do not! All too often we go along with the other because we do not want to be difficult and we want to keep the peace cramped. We thereby place the need of the other above ourselves.

A situation as described above may seem unimportant. But at Soul Level it is very important. What actually happens is this; If you follow the wishes of the other and therefore do not act on the basis of your truth, you will blow yourself from your loft. You get out of your core!

Yes dear sensitive people it really is so subtle! A lot happens when we don’t listen to our needs and inner voice. So don’t hide, but make clear what you want. You can tell people to begin with that you want to think about their question and come back to it later. Take the time to feel or want to accept their proposal or rather not.

In many cases you can prepare assertive behavior. If you know that in certain situations you always have trouble being clear, practice in this. Below 7 sentences with which you can already practice at home.

· Thank you for your offer but that does not suit me. I would much rather …

· I’m going to think about it for a while, I’ll come back to it later.

· Nice that you ask but I now have no time today

· I am not in the mood for that at the moment, other times?

· Thank you very much but not at the moment.

· No, I would rather not have that.

· No. In most cases you owe no explanation.

I would like to conclude with these simple but very efficient limiting tools.

11 ways to center yourself before you go outside.

 · Wear a tight belt or tie a scarf around your abdomen that gives you a feeling of wrapping.

 · Wear heavy shoes that give you a strong feeling.

 · Wear sunglasses with (light) glasses that make you feel a boundary behind the glass. I also have a pair of normal glasses without strength      so that I can put on glasses in the winter without noticing too much.

· Always make sure you have a good meal before you go outside, and always bring something to eat if you feel faint.

· Avoid alcohol if you are hypersensitive, your mind will shoot out of your body very quickly.

· Do stretch and gymnastics exercises that make your blood flow and your heart beats palpably.

· Sturdy dancing to your favourite song is more fun 😊

· Beat your whole body awake and stretch your face by pulling crazy faces in front of the mirror.

· Say your name in front of the mirror and motivate yourself to stay in your body “I will succeed” “I will stay here in my body” “I am going for it!”

· Be aware of every step you take. Feels your weight. When you cycle, feel your bicycle tires hit the ground. This way you stay well grounded during the ride.
·Listen to soothing music through headphones or wear ear plugs when you go out.

· Wear a thick sweater, jacket, scarf and gloves.

· Tip: Print this list and stick it on your door, so you will always be reminded before you leave.       

Through this link you can listen to a guided meditation that helps you to keep your aura clean and to properly root your roots to integrate and support your soul embodiment process.

With kind regards, Ellen Worm