Challenges for (highly) sensitive people on their path to change in consciousness

Do you stay “real” in your actions even when your environment does not? Can you believe in yourself when others turn their backs on you? I can now say “yes” to that in the middle of my process. In my inner crisis I found my self-esteem. I “discovered” something in myself and know that I can free myself step by step. Very conscious i free myself from constantly dissociating my feelings, making me the convulsive person solidified energies in my head, my “hard” side can redeem my soul light and therefore my life energy push away. I can now melt the hard “stone”. I don’t need it anymore. I can now pronounce myself. Giving expression to my emotions. Be able to pronounce what was not possible in the past. I don’t need it anymore to harden inside. By melting it, it makes more and more place for liberating flowing emotions.

Exercise: Release yourself from your hard side!

Now let your old dissociation completely loose. Place both palms on your eyes. Let the “old mechanism” of dissociation flow into your hands of love. Replace your hands now with a small pillow and let your dissociation flow into the pillow.

Now place the pillow next to you. And keep in touch with it. Say to this part of you, “I see your dissociation from me”. “I am very grateful to you”. “You have well protected me for years”. “But I don’t need you anymore!”

Now that you get released from this part, you can make contact with the hard part in yourself. You solidified emotions. Energy of anger that has imploded. Say this part: “Come to me”. Feel the hard energy come up in your head. Say to this part: “I am not afraid of you”, “I let you melt now”. Play with this. Feel the energetic solidified energy melt on a continually  deeper laying in your head. Sadness can come loose in the long run. Let it flow! Free yourself …

You can suffer from headaches for days. This is painful but necessary. The solidified energy is now released, stay with it lovingly!

Budding heart consciousness

What you’ll start to experience at some moment is that you can live increasingly based on a sense of peace and gentleness. Because you can now lower from your head into your body and heart. There will be a transformation coming from a “budding” heart consciousness. You can then long for more and more real connection with people, animals and nature. That does not mean that you are going deep with everyone and have heavy conversations. No, the essence is actually beyond the words. Words literally exhaust me and paralyze me on some moment. That’s because I haven’t rocked in my unity and inner silence can’t remain rooted during long mental conversations. Because we nevertheless want to stay in contact with people, among others family with love. We have to learn to take into account. If you know that you are going somewhere where someone is restless for example. Before you go, you must realize that you will are going to find. That is fundamentally otherwise you must not go. It would witness of “stupid blonde” when you say “he or she was so restless and mental again.” If you know this, it will help you not to be disappointed. Because that blocks you and ensures that you become overwhelmed. You have to be able to cope with that turmoil. But unfortunately often with (highly) sensitive people hit it on the brain and then you are immediately sold. Now follows an exercise that can help you.

Exercise: “My holy safe place”

In order to be able to handle the situation properly, I have a “strong weapon” that ensures that you can escape from terror and keep your head cool again. If you have people visiting or have to deal with unpleasant situations. You can train yourself so that you get no longer stuck from the convulsive situation you are in. That escape takes you to a place where nobody can terrorize you. No one else has access to that space.

“It is your holy safe place.”

Visualize an escape hatch in the ceiling where a bird can go through in the room where you are. Imagine that you are the bird that can go outside through this hole. You sit on the very highest gutter. You can now look around you gigantically freely and openly. You are free!

Hold this image now while you continue to do your normal things. You have now come loose with a part of you “”one leg” from the hectic pace. If you do not do this, you are constantly in the full “terror” of life. While you are wonderfully free as a bird, an I-reinforcement can be of extra service. The open space can feel too open. Especially if you have already released a lot in your life, and you already have a broad awareness. Now visualize a wonderful childhood memory. Feel, see and smell everything completely as you have experienced it in the past. You can recall this beautiful memory as a ritual every morning with your breakfast and take it with your bread and tea. The next time you go to your safe place on the gutter, you also get this beautiful memory! This gives ground and safety to your feet.We want to be able to feel free, even with others. You can use this exercise for all situations in your life!

Embrace your loneliness.

I really like socializing but most of my time I prefer to be at home with my cats. It is often super tiring to enter into a relationship in any form with someone if you are still in the middle of your integration and healing process. Especially if you are highly sensitive, a lot of charging rest moments are needed. This really feels like a time to give myself all my time, love and energy. The rest will follow. So don’t feel guilty or fear your loneliness. We must be careful not to give ourselves away to people where Hearts consciousness is still dormant and there is a lot of negativity. That is very harmful to our light. Protect yourself against this! If this succeeds then connections with the world will arise that will feed and inspire you. Open yourself to energies from the like-minded. Show yourself so that those connections are strengthened. I have a great respect for us who are now following this path of great consciousness transformation! You have a great resilience and drive to accomplish this, you are a light worker!

Touch your sky

Ellen Worm