About me

Ellen Worm / Inspirator, Writer

In 2006 I completed my studies in fashion & styling. As a Visual Merchandiser, I completed my internship at various fashion houses. During my studies I worked part-time as a model / mannequin. I received so many assignments that I continued my work fulltime from Amsterdam after my studies. I initially enjoyed working independently. Seeing a lot of the world and meeting people is a dream job for some. But I did not work as a model in my heart. I had won the world but completely lost myself. I strove for perfection on the outside, but I had totally forgotten my innerself. It was a hectic life for me because you never knew where you are working the next day. Last minute assignments often had to be carried out in all corners of the Netherlands and other countries within the EU. After about four years I noticed that I was feeling worse and worse. I always felt different from others, but I could not explain what it was exactly.

The Turning point.

In 2009 I came into contact with, Elaine Aron’s book, “High Sensitive Persons”. A burden fell off me after I read this book and recognized my problems. Fortunately, I’m not crazy! I am (highly) sensitive and I can learn to deal with this. I stopped using modeling work. It did not suit me and demanded too much from me. After this decision it was still a long way. I had not taken good care of myself for years, resulting in an over-stimulated nervous system. The result was that I really could not bear anything (sounds, light and pressure), something that belongs to highly sensitive people. I have started looking for help. It has been a very difficult period in my life, but it has giving me a lot of wisdom and insight. I immersed myself in my well-being and how I could find enlightenment and started to focus on my inner world. For example, I found out that if I was better “centered”, I could feel more stable and balanced, even in busier situations. In my articles I tell you about how I have learned about myself and life through my own experiences.